August 2015 ACIMblog bulletin

ACIM Virtual Conference #2: Oct 16-18, 2015 2015 ACIM Virtual ConferenceThe second annual ACIM Virtual Conference hosted by is happening October 16 through 18 and you can register now for this 3-day interactive ACIM event here if you haven’t already. I’ll be sharing about Workbook Lesson 243 “Today I will judge nothing that occurs” in a conversation with Danielle Scruton, one of the organizers of this wonderful event. There will be about two dozen other outstanding ACIM presenters/teachers (such as Gary Renard, Susan Dugan, Myron Jones, Jon Mundy, Dov Fishman and Carrie Triffet, to name just a few) who will also have a pre-recorded 30-minute video (either a monologue – like I did last year about the Double Shield of Oblivion – or a conversation) followed by a half-hour live phone-in Q&A session, along with a chat window where we can further extend the conversation and communion in text form; all great fun! I hope you can join us! If you haven’t already (virtually) attended last years, you can still register, watch and listen to the full conference from last year here until October 2015! No airline flights, rental cars, hotel reservations, etc. needed, either! 🙂

Streaming Academy Classes from FACIM

FACIM Academy Class

I recently ‘virtually’ attended (via streaming video) the most recent Academy Class from Foundation for A Course In Miracles (FACIM) from Temecula, CaliforniaI’m re-watching (my 2nd re-play viewing after also watching the class live) the 2-day video of the “Finding Joy in a Joyless Place” class which had some wonderful insights from Dr. Rosemarie LoSasso and Dr. Jeffrey Seibert. They team-taught this most recent class and are doing a superb job of carrying on where Ken Wapnick left off in sharing the oh-so-gentle but uncompromising non-dual metaphysics of ACIM. I plan to attend many more, including other workshops and classes in addition to the academy classes.

Earlier this year, incidentally, FACIM was using a different (problematic) video streaming provider, so the prior video streaming experience was technically challenged, but not anymore! This 2-day class video streaming experience worked flawlessly for me. The high resolution and excellent bandwidth audio and video make it almost like being there in the classroom. So now, both the content (which was always great) AND the form are outstanding! All highly recommended! Here’s the FACIM schedule of classes and events – ALL HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – many of which you can attend now via streaming video in addition to in person, if you happen to be in Temecula.

“The Little Willingness” – An Audio Conversation with Susan Dugan

Susan Dugan and Bruce Rawles - video: Workbook Lesson 134 Let Me Perceive Forgiveness As It Is - And What Is Forgiveness

Susan Dugan and Bruce Rawles comment in this video on “The Little Willingness” from text of A Course in Miracles (T-18:IV). More at Susan’s blog, We talked about the importance of trusting our Inner Kindness Teacher (a.k.a. Holy Spirit, or the Jesus of ACIM) to provide the needed correction to our limited and distorted perception and being willing to release our attachment to thoughts that result in anything but peace. We need to humbly look at our misery with this guidance in order to release our addiction to misery. Our part is very tiny, but crucial in undoing our buying into ego’s misinterpretations.

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