Happy or Right : T-shirts

Would you rather be right or happy? – ACIM (T29.VII.1:9)

I’ve found this slogan over the years* to be an invaluable guide to choosing the guidance of our Universal Inspiration instead of the “used car salesman” (love that metaphor from Tomas Vieira! 🙂 of our personal, separate, and oh-so-unfulfilling special interests. Wearing one of these, every time you see a mirror (which is everyone and everything :-), it can be a reminder to ‘choose once again’ … for our happiness! Enjoy!

* – I’m particularly grateful to my partner who helped me avert an unpleasant life detour years ago, when, by being sensitive and alert to what we were both feeling, but I wasn’t admitting at that time, she reminded me of this lovely quote from ACIM. At the time, my ego was ‘bent’ on proving a particular issue with an ‘outside agency’, and her gentle reminder (as an agent/avatar of HS inspiration) helped remind me what our real, shared priority was, and is … the peaceful feeling of following and trusing our Eternal Source!

In case you are inspired to adorn your ‘dream hero action figure’ with one of these, here’s a sample shirt:

JAFO (Just Another Forgiveness Opportunity) T -Shirt


Hi all: I thought this “JAFO” shirt might help remind me not to take the illusion of our increasingly surreal 3D world too seriously… more posts to follow; thought I’d start out on a whimsical note! 🙂 The quote is from Gary Renard, author of Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality.

Here’s a couple examples of t-shirts with the JAFO reminder that everything our senses, space, time, bodies and our personal identities show is … Just … Another … Forgiveness … Opportunity 🙂

Perfect "T" for your little ACIM baby!

A great reminder "T" for all sizes!