Free Teleseminar with Gary Renard: replay

Gary Renard photo

Here’s an excellent audio conversation with Gary Renard – an interview by Tammy Mastroberte from Elevated Existence Magazine – covering numerous topics, and – as always – a great overview of ACIM for new students and superb reminders for those remembering that repetition … particularly when the ideas are so clearly presented! … is a good thing! 🙂 Thanks to Ossie and the folks on the Disappearance of the Universe Yahoo group for this audio and to Gary for his write up below that I found on the DU Yahoo Group:

Hi friends –
For the past year I’ve been writing articles about A Course in Miracles for an award winning online magazine, Elevated Existence. The articles are quarterly and my 5th will be out in December. They’ve added a new monthly feature where they interview someone in the spiritual community, and I’ll be interviewed tonight, Wednesday night. The call is being made available for free to the readers of my e-news and online friends.
The call will be live Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific, and you can click the link below to submit questions before and during the event. Here is the information to listen online or call and listen on the phone. You can also check out some of the magazine. Enjoy!