ACIM’s Quiet Center: from “I Need Do Nothing” Text, Chapter 18, Section VII

In this video, Susan Dugan and Bruce Rawles read from and talk about A Course in Miracles, Chapter 18, Section VII: “I Need Do Nothing.” This section touches on the “quiet center of the storm” which we can all access at any time or place, since it is a decision in the mind to not identify with our ego’s incessant and insane blather.
We talked about the importance of making a habit of turning over our day – from the outset – to our Inner Kindness Teacher … and forgiving ourselves when we resist doing so, to enable us to more quickly resume that mind-healing practice. More info at This paragraph concludes the “I Need Do Nothing” section:

“Yet there will always be this place of rest to which you can return. And you will be more aware of this quiet center of the storm than all its raging activity. This quiet center, in which you do nothing, will remain with you, giving you rest in the midst of every busy doing on which you are sent. For from this center will you be directed how to use the body sinlessly. It is this center, from which the body is absent, that will keep it so in your awareness of it.”

author and ACIM teacher, Susan Dugan