September-October 2015 ACIMblog bulletin Virtual Conference #2: Oct 16-18, 2015 – starts tomorrow – available all year long!

Please join Amy Torres, Bill FreeBritney Shawley, Carolina CoradaCarrie Triffet, Corrine Zupko, Craig Villarrubia, Danielle Scruton, David FishmanDavid Hoffmeister, Earl “Raj” Purdy, Gary Renard, Jennifer HadleyJodi AmanJoe Wolfe, John Mark Stroud, Jon Mundy, José Lorenzo RodríguezKevin RiceLisa NatoliLyna JonesMaria FelipeMaureen Muldoon, Myron Jones, Robyn Busfield, Steve ThompsonSusan Dugan, Tony Ponticello, and me (Bruce Rawles) for the 2nd annual 2015 Virtual Conference on October 16-18, 2015. Here are details about the virtual conference, and a link to register for the event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you can’t make the conference live, you will be able to access all videos and audios after the conference is over.

Click here to register now.

The theme of this first virtual conference is “Awakening with the Workbook.”

Still haven’t seen/heard last year’s (inaugural) MiracleShare (2014) Virtual Conference? You can still register, watch and listen to the full conference from last year here until October 2015! How’s that for convenience! 🙂 If you’ve already registered and want to watch/listen again you can click here to go directly to the 2014 Virtual ACIM Conference.

The Attainment of Peace: Purpose, Process, and Practice – a conversation with Cindy Lora-Renard and Gary Renard

Cindy Lora-Renard and Gary Renard
Gary Renard and Cindy Lora-Renard talk about The Attainment of Peace: Purpose, Process, and Practice, along with updates about recent Asian workshops (how we’re more alike than different) … and much more. It’s always a joy to converse with Gary and Cindy who both share with great clarity, humor and heart about the essence of our forgiveness classroom and what A Course in Miracles is all about. Enjoy! 🙂 … Here’s a link to another recent conversation about the “Dreamer of the Dream”

A Transition in Perspective – A Conversation with CA Brooks

Transition from ego to Inner Kindness TeacherIn this audio programCA Brooks and Bruce Rawles talk on another segment of CA’s weekly ACIM internet radio program on 12Radio, about a few of the ideas in yet another brilliant work from Kenneth Wapnick and the Foundation for A Course In Miracles (FACIM) entitled, “A Transition in Perspective.” One of the ideas we talked about is the metaphor of ego’s dark thread that divides (reinforcing an imaginary split in the mind) and leads further into the dark cavernous abyss of the belief in separation, whereas our Inner Kindness Teacher uses the exact same thread (which now becomes a golden, gently luminous path) but in the opposite direction using shared interests, kindness and – of course, forgiveness – to reveal the blocks to love’s awareness, release them, and replace our insane ideas of isolation with the comforting reminder that our true, eternal heritage is complete innocence, inclusion and a peaceful identity.


Consistency of Means and End – A Conversation with CA Brooks

Knife Switch: separate interests vs. shared interestsIn this audio programCA Brooks and Bruce Rawles talk on another segment of CA’s weekly ACIM internet radio program on 12Radio, about The Consistency of Means and End. The “means” of ACIM is always forgiveness, in one form or another and the “end” is always peace, regardless of how we might try to describe it. The means of forgiveness is always in the mind which means (pun intended) that we DO have the power to choose peace, by means of choosing which thought system (ego or our Inner Kindness Teacher) we want to identify with at any given moment. 🙂 If we aren’t feeling peace, A Course in Miracles suggests – in innumerable ways – that we’re not choosing to listen to that Inner Kindness Teacher (a.k.a. the Holy Spirit or Jesus of ACIM) and trying to do it ‘on our own’ which invariably is some form or behavior we mistakenly believe will bring peace to us from some temporal, external, fleeting circumstance.

We’re gently reminded – when we choose to listen to the voice for kindness – that we don’t have to be subject to the dream world of space time when we’ve shifted our identity to the One that is above the battlefield of dualistic dreams and silly separate interests. Our intentions are merely reflections of this ‘only remaining freedom‘ … the freedom to choose the teacher of Total Inclusion (where our Identity is restored to the Perfect Oneness we never abandoned) … or the teacher of maladaptive solutions to non-existent problems, a phrase Ken Wapnick uses to describe ego’s dysfunctional approach of sin, guilt, fear and death which consistently leads us (with it’s maladaptive means) away from peace. It’s ‘ends’ never make us happy. Ego tries to convince us that it’s miserable ends justify it’s abhorrent means – which always are some form (however cleverly disguised) of the belief in separation.

At every moment our mind ‘throws the switch’ … either for peace (choosing the teacher of peace with it’s curriculum of true forgiveness of the dreamer) … or for the paradigm of victimhood, blame, attack, isolation and grievances. We either choose – moment to moment to moment – separate interests … or shared interests.


New format for monthly bulletins

To provide me with more time to generate and gather material for new posts, I’m automating the monthly bulletins, starting November 1, 2015. You will still get the same content, but the format will be slightly different, with a compilation of all posts made during the past month. This will provide an additional benefit of automatically delivering a bulletin each month more consistently, regardless of how crazy my schedule happens to be – which was definitely the case last monthy – thanks for your patience!  BTW, if there’s enough interest for a WEEKLY bulletin digest (in addition to this monthly digest and the newer daily digest, let me know and I’ll add that third option.

Happy 50th Anniversary, ACIM!

The scribing of A Course in Miracles was begun a half-century ago; what a wonderful reflection of dreamers wanting to gladden themselves with a happier dream! 🙂 Thank you Helen and Bill!!!