October 2014 ACIMblog bulletin


Virtual ACIM conference Oct. 17-19, 2014 … starts tomorrow!

Please join me and Amy TorresDr. Bob RosenthalBritney Shawley, Carrie TriffetCheryl FordCorrine ZupkoCraig VillarrubiaDanielle Boonstra, David FishmanDavid HoffmeisterEarl “Raj” PurdyGabrielle BernsteinJoe WolfeJohn Mark StroudJon Mundy, Kandace JonesKenneth BokLisa NatoliLorri CoburnMaria FelipeMaureen MuldoonMyron JonesNouk SanchezSusan Dugan, and Tony Ponticello for the first MiracleShare.org 2014 Virtual Conference on October 17-19, 2014. Here is a list of speakers, details about the virtual conference, and a link to register for the event. The theme of this first virtual conference is “Healing the Mind through ACIM.” My presentation will be: “Lowering our shields of oblivion: Following our Inner Kindness Teacher beyond the imagined need for defenses back to the Peace of Perfect Oneness we never left.” Note that you do NOT have to attend any of these sessions live and can watch/listen to them later if you already have plans for any or all of those 3 days. Here are some quotes from the speakers, in a slide show format. I hope you can join us! This promises to be a wonderful opportunity for the global ACIM community to share insights, support and humor. 🙂

Video conversations with Susan Dugan: up next: what am I voting for?

Just before the US mid-term elections, Susan Dugan (author of ForaysInForgiveness.com and several books about ACIM) & Bruce Rawles will be sharing a timely conversation about what we’re voting for. Hint there’s always only 2 choices: ego or our Inner Kindness Teacher. Here’s another recent video conversation in our Kenneth Wapnick enthusiasts series: Susan Dugan and Bruce Rawles talk about ego backlash and not taking ourselves too seriously. Synchronistically, I’ve been enjoying the FACIM Q&A series with ‘random’ discoveries over the past few years, but just started going through all 1000+ of them in order, and discovered that Question #35 fits our conversation quite well; helpful when you find that it SEEMS to be getting more difficult to undo the ego, when, in fact, it has been a steady resistance to truth ever since the ‘tiny mad idea’ … never happened! 🙂

Level Confusion – 12Radio conversation with CA Brooks

CA Brooks and Bruce Rawles had another conversation on her excellent weekly 12Radio show about ACIM, this one on Level Confusion. In this conversation, we refer to this superb LightHouse article on the FACIM.org website by Dr. Kenneth Wapnick on the subject of Level Confusion. In the August 2014 ACIMblog bulletin, I reported on the conversation that CA Brooks and I had about a favorite and helpful ACIM subject, the double shield of oblivion. We’ve also recorded a session about metaphysical movie metaphors, particularly The Wizard of Oz; we plan to do more, since this genre is so loaded with symbolism amenable to listening to Holy Spirit’s version that leads us off the screen and back into the audience… or perhaps the projection booth. 🙂 Upcoming in Nov. 2014: a conversation about special love and special hate relationships… and going beyond specialness.

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Please contact us to share what YOU would like to see here, any suggestions for improvements, etc. If you have anything ACIM-related that you’d like to share, please send (or send a link) for consideration. This site is (among other things) a venue for conversations, so I eagerly encourage and await more contributions from kindred students of our Shared Teacher of forgiveness and kindness. It’s fun to share our universal interests online; visit ACIMblog pages on FaceBook FaceBook (my personal FB page, which is mostly ACIM-related), Twitter and YouTube. If you aren’t already receiving this automatically in your email, you can subscribe here for free and get daily updates (of any posts made the prior day) via the “post updates by email” Subscribe button on every page. Eternal smilezenhugs to all! 🙂 ACIMblog star image