FAQ #1256: Dealing with anger and depression: Lyn Johnson and Bruce Rawles

Lyn Johnson and Bruce Rawles talk about how to deal with anger and depression as they read Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) #1256 together from FACIM.org in this audio recording by  in their weekly series Saturday mornings on ACIM Gather … 

(This audio program originally aired on ACIM Gather on January 21, 2017.)

Thought you missed (any or all of) the 3rd annual virtual MiracleShare ACIM Conference? Nope; it’s still just as available for watching and listening any time! That’s one of many fun aspects of a virtual conference … it’s harder to “miss” if it’s every where and every when … or more so than physical events, at least! You can learn more about the virtual conference here, read the outline notes for my 30-minute video here, and still register for this excellent event here.

Lyn Johnson