Emotions, Specialness and Love: FAQ #1260, 1261 with Lyn Johnson and Bruce Rawles

Great wall of China ... and hearts
Lyn Johnson and Bruce Rawles talk about seemingly seasonal topic of love and ACIM’s helpful perspective on special love, special hate, divisiveness, ego’s emotional backlash to mindfulness, and how to apply our Inner Kindness Teacher’s forgiveness practice to everyone and everything. Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) #1260 and Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) #1261 are the topics of these two consecutive audios. In their weekly series Saturday mornings on ACIM Gather, they read together from FACIM.org in this audio recording about FAQ #1260 and this audio recording about FAQ #1261.

(This audio program originally aired on ACIM Gather on January 21, 2017.)

(This audio program originally aired on ACIM Gather on February 4, 2017.)

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Lyn Johnson