ACIM: “Sharing Perception with the Holy Spirit Text”, Chapter 14, Section VII

In this video, Susan Dugan and Bruce Rawles read from and talk about A Course in Miracles, Chapter 14, Section VII: “Sharing Perception with the Holy Spirit Text.” This section reminds us that our isolated perception – disconnected and dissociated from our Inner Kindness Teacher’s gentle, forgiving, all-encompassing, all-inclusive perspective – inevitably results in the seeming loss of peace associated with trying to interpret ego’s dream script on the level that it was dreamt up and from that insane thought system of differences, divisiveness, deception and delusion. The way out of this mental quagmire always involves returning to our choice in the mind for the ego’s thought system, revealing to ourselves that its judgmental, condemning, victimizing, fugitive ideas have not made us happy, then forgiving ourselves for what ultimately is just a silly fantasy detour, and awakening from that dysfunctional dream by releasing our own perceptions (interpretations) and allowing in the corrective, truly innocent and inclusive insights from the Teacher we all share and remembering the Peace we never left, except in dreams.

This section of ACIM’s text concludes with this inspiring paragraph:

“Joining with Him in seeing is the way in which you learn to share with Him the interpretation of perception that leads to knowledge. You cannot see alone. Sharing perception with Him Whom God has given you teaches you how to recognize what you see. It is the recognition that nothing you see means anything alone. Seeing with Him will show you that all meaning, including yours, comes not from double vision, but from the gentle fusing of everything into one meaning, one emotion and one purpose. God has one purpose which He shares with you. The single vision which the Holy Spirit offers you will bring this oneness to your mind with clarity and brightness so intense you could not wish, for all the world, not to accept what God would have you have. Behold your will, accepting it as His, with all His Love as yours. All honor to you through Him, and through Him unto God.”

ACIMblog - Susan Dugan
Susan writes frequently and eloquently about A Course in Miracles in her very engaging blog, ForaysInForgiveness

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